Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hearts, food and fun...oh my!

February holds a lot of LOVE for this family!  Valentine’s Day, my wedding anniversary and my oldest child’s birthday are all big dates on our calendar!  We will plan a lot of fun activities for this family in the upcoming weeks.  One of the activities will be our traditional Valentine’s dinner.  It kills me to admit that one day I will NOT be the Valentine in my boys’ eyes.  Ouch…that hurts!  Last year I felt like it was time to introduce the boys to a candlelight dinner with china and crystal.  What better day to start the tradition than Valentine’s Day?  We are an informal family but there are times when we should be able to “fine” dine in our own home!  The boys will need to know how to act when there is more than one fork on the table.  They must eat s-l-o-w, keep their hands to themselves, use their manners and initiate conversation.  Wish me luck...
In the meantime, I have been on Pinterest searching for creative Valentine foods.  Heart shaped bacon and cinnamon rolls were our breakfast before church last Sunday.  Unfortunately Taylor thought the cinnamon rolls looked like mustaches…I tried!  We made chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treats with sprinkles last night.  As you can see in the picture, Christopher and Taylor had lots of fun!  And I found the perfect Valentine snack mix that can easily be adapted for other holidays.  (Throw together Valentine M&Ms, mixed nuts, yogurt covered pretzels and yogurt covered raisins)  I love the salty/sweet combination of this mix.  It doesn’t stick around long in this house and it will make great gifts for our teachers.

At dinner one night, we discussed simple gestures of Valentine’s Day.  I decided that I would give the boys a couple of flowers to give to the person of their choice.  I can’t wait to find out who they choose and watch them present their gift to their chosen one.  Makes my heart smile thinking about it! 

We sent a 'message in a bottle' to the most "macho" man we know.  The messages written by the boys were priceless.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he receives it!  I also had Christopher sketch a heart on leopard fabric and I appliquéd it on one of my tennis hoodies.  So, so cute!  Now the countdown is on and I have to find my hubbie something fun for the special day.  Hug your special someone today…it’s free, it’s one-size fits all and it’s easy to exchange ;) 

Here are some fun Valentine’s designs that are appropriate for anytime of year:

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