Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Housewarming!

We have some new neighbors that moved in across the street.  I feel that anyone who is brave enough to move across the street from a house of 4 boys and 2 dogs deserves a little wine to cope as a nice housewarming gift.  I came across some really fun and inexpensive ideas this weekend and I created a new board on Pinterest but these were some of my favorites.

1.   A nice bottle of Proseco with our monogram wine tag is always appropriate! ~
2.  I find the toilet paper cake HILARIOUS!  We would 'totally' bring this to a friend's housewarming party...BEWARE!
3.  The citrus and cinnamon room scent is currently on my stove and I think it would make a great inexpensive gift for new neighbors.  The recipe can be found at Sowelu Studio.
4.  I always love a homemade gift but sometimes I don't have the time to coordinate a good time for drop off.  This muffin mix with cupcake liners is thoughtful and packaged so cute!  The recipe can be found at Skip to My Lou.

Have a wacky day!

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