Thursday, September 18, 2014

Proven Pin ~ Dog Packaging

When we were creating our company, the word 'Wacky' had to be a part of our name.  As I post some of our proven pins, the word becomes more and more appropriate for our business and family!  Seriously...what mother of 4 has time to make a "dog" package for a gift card?  But...this took about 10 minutes and it was worth the reaction that I received from the boys.  I do these types of projects to "fill my cup" because it would seriously be so much easier to hand the gift card to them!!  Thankfully, I'm able to blog about it so that I have documented history.  My mother and I still have debates over memories of my childhood.  I'm fortunate enough to have blogging as my back up.

We are definitely a "dog" family and I knew that my son would love this little package.  Thank goodness he recognized my creation as a dog because it kind of resembles a mouse.  I'm not an overachieving mom and I'm not trying to win an award so I'm able to 'let go' of perfecting the project.  It's usually done within 10-15 minutes.  Thanks Pinterest for adding some simple pleasures to the Speltz household.
The template can be found here.
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