Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heart Shaped Food

Years ago, I started a Valentine's tradition for my boys.  My husband and I serve the boys a 5 course meal with china, crystal...the whole shabang!  It required a lot of patience and faith in my boys.  Serving 5 year old twins on china and crystal was tough on my nerves.   However, I had a method to my madness.  I wanted the boys to practice etiquette and learn fine dining at home before they were thrown to the fire in the real world.  Now, it's something that my family looks forward to and I thoroughly enjoy the process.  

I was looking for ideas for our first course and I found these fun yet simple ideas!  Enjoy ~

*The recipe for the garlic parmesan knots can be found here.
*The fruit and cheese plate used small heart cookie cutters.
*The Caprese Salad can be found here.
*I couldn't find a recipe for the heart shrimp salad but it look like the shrimp are formed to make a heart, skewered with a tomato in the middle and grilled.  Then, placed on a bed of greens. 

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