Monday, July 11, 2016

Ice Cream Party Ideas

I think photo booths/props make for the most fabulous pictures!!  Here are 3 different styles that can be used for a 1st birthday party or an adult party!  Adding a prop or two can create wonderful and fun candid pictures!  These prop ideas can be found on our Pinterest Board.

We offer 4 different styles of birthday invitations for ice cream gatherings.  Our Ice Cream products can be found HERE.  Currently, we are working on all of the coordinating products for each style.

The kids will probably be "sugared up" enough with all of the ice cream and toppings but here are some fun party favor ideas.  Two of them don't involve sweet treats.  Ahhh...gotta love that!

1. Washcloths/Socks tucked in ice cream cones.
2.  Cotton Candy on top of an ice cream cone.
3.  Sweet treats packaged into a chocolate dipped cone and tied up with ribbon.
4. Ice Cream soap

What's an ice cream party without some FUN new recipes?!?

For more inspiration, our Ice Cream Party Pinterest board can be found HERE.

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