Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am a Type A personality that enjoys coming up with a dissertation for New Year’s Goals. I love to have the opportunity to start fresh with new habits to form, new goals to achieve and new memories to make! I could bore you with my lists but the most life altering goal for the Speltz family in 2011 is our attempt to become the Do It Yourself Family!!! That doesn’t sound like too big of a goal considering that my husband is an architect and is in the building industry. you can see from our business, he is on the “design” side of the architecture office. So, we’re both learning at the same time! Personally, I believe it’s our duty as parents to learn how to “fix” and build since we’re raising 4 boys!!! I decided to start posting our accomplishments on Wacky Kracker’s blog because so many of our clients have watched my kids grow up while we’ve been growing our business! Not to mention, I’m hoping that many of you will hold us accountable…that is how New Year’s goals get accomplished, right?!

Our first project of the year…our closets!! I was “delicately” told over the holidays that I need to start paying attention to how my boys dress. The Speltzmobile pulls out of our house on two wheels most of the time! I realize that it is “understood” in most families that you do not enter a vehicle unless you are completely dressed but for the last 5 years it has been difficult to get the twins to wear clothes!! They are very comfortable wearing their skivvies ALL day long regardless of the company present!! The last straw was in December…my computer crashed and I was frantic trying to get it back into my possession. I was delivering orders all of over Memphis and I was trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done. As I got out of my car on our first stop, I realized that all 4 boys had on their PJ’s and Aidan had on two different shoes…one cowboy boot/one Crock. I have justified to myself over the last 9 years that there are bigger battles to have with my boys than arguing over their clothes. Opening the door for women, manners, the alphabet, etc. seem more important to me. However, my mother used her amazing communication skills and made me realize that the boys need to start taking pride in how they dress. So what better way to break the habit than to get their closets in order so that they can FIND their clothes!

This past weekend we vacuumed, disinfected and added shelves to our closets. We have weeded through old clothes and hung up new ones. This has been a therapeutic process! The beauty of my marriage is that we are both compulsive individuals! (My kids don’t stand a chance.) I am so grateful to have a husband that is enthusiastic about tackling these projects…it makes the projects go twice as fast and it’s fun to have a common goal! We have plugged in our power tools, my husband has visited Lowe’s multiple times and we have made our lists… Stay tuned to see our next accomplishment!

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