Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We were VERY creative in the Speltz house this weekend! I don't know who had more, the kids or Christopher! We each tackled different projects and here they are...
  • I made about 100 of the lil' owls for my boys to give as Valentine's...the boys helped me with these little cuties. Patience...I had to demonstrate "intense" patience!!
  • My 1st grader worked soooo hard on his rockin' ship for his Valentine's box. He came home from school on Friday and was ready to conquer this little beauty immediately. He must have asked at least 150 times..."When can we start?" before we cut the first piece of paper. He enjoys creative projects the most. I think he has his father's creativity!
  • My 3rd grader changed his mind several times on his creative project but ultimately decided on a speedy race car. Might I add...the sponsor of this hot rod is Wacky Kracker. I was so excited when I saw it written across the back of the car...proud mama moment!
  • The twins just left us ALL alone and ate the "extras" off of the owl snacks! I'm sure they were snickering while they thought to year mom and dad will really be NUTS! Our creative projects will double next year due to the twinks being in school...shew we!
My mom always made this stuff look so easy when I was growing up... Kids sure do make life more fun! Needless to say, Christopher and I started out our Valentine's with a "high 5" this morning. We tackled all of our projects and our kids were able to create with a purpose...AWESOME! I hope that everyone enjoys their day...have a happy heart!


junie b said...

Love the creativity! You guys get the Most Creative Neighbors Award! The owl cookies are the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Love y'all,

gkj said...

You and I always stressed over making an "Award-winning Valentine Box". I can't imagine making 4!!! Guess you thought ahead when you married an artist, huh?? Love you!