Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eggn' the Neighbors

Several weeks ago my mother suggested this fun activity for our kids...Eggn' the neighbor's houses. (Don't don't see the yolk in this type of eggn'!) I really don't know who had more fun...the kids or me and Christopher...

We set these empty cartons on our neighbor's door steps, hid the eggs all over their yards, rang the door bell and scattered like rats to find hiding places...

It was hilarious to watch the kids find places to hide the eggs. The first house took them FOREVER. They were all competing to find the PERFECT spot! Mailboxes, trees, under cushions, under bushes. Oh the pressure... of the kids busted us! She was on her way to bed and came to the front door b/c she saw something "stirring" on the front porch...RUN!!!!
Even dad and Sugar were hiding. Guess how she found's flash from her camera!!! I was quickly told to put my camera away for the next couple of houses. The boys were mortified that the ONE girl in the neighborhood busted us!

And there are my 4 boys...captured by the precious Alia! What a fun night! Thanks mom for the suggestion...wish you could have been here!

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Amanda said...

what a fun idea!