Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Since I wouldn't have this company without my talented husband, I thought that I would show you guys how we honored him in our own little "creative" way! He's pretty low-maintenance...all he asked for was beer and a can of tennis balls...what a guy! The kids cut these out and I decorated the beer...too cute! It put a HUGE smile on his face!

We spent one morning playing dress up so that he would have a lil' present to take to the office. Each boy picked out a pair of daddy's shoes to represent their personalities...they did a GREAT JOB! The poem reads:

These shoes are too big for me, as you can plainly see.
But even when I'm grown up, they will be big on me.
The reason is quite simple, I'm sure you will agree.
No one can fill these shoes like my Daddy.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did! Have a great week!

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