Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa is coming...

Well it’s officially December and that means Santa is coming!  It was only appropriate to spotlight ALL things Santa this week!  If you have seen my earlier blogs, I’m partial to traditions.  One of the traditions we started several years ago was honoring St. Nick* on the Eve of Dec. 5th.  The kids place their shoes by the chimney before they go to bed and they wake up with their shoes filled with candy by St. Nick.  What kid wouldn’t love waking up to candy?

As an only child, my holidays were spent with all of my cousins.  Now that we live so far a part and we have sooo many kids between us, it’s more difficult to see each other.  In order to feel a part of their lives, I shipped Chocolate Chip cookies to my Godchild and her siblings this week to partake in the St. Nick celebration.  The package is “supposed” to arrive in Oklahoma in time to place by the chimney on Wednesday night so that the kiddos can wake up to their candy filled shoes and have home made chocolate chip cookies too.  (Nothing like a sugar high to start the day…)  If baking isn’t fun enough…I got a little creative with a recycling project.  I wrapped a Pringles can in a Santa suit* made out of construction paper and added a little fur up top.  Then I filled Santa with chocolate chip cookies and voila.  I’m not going to lie…I loved this! 

A new Santa design popped into our holiday line this year.  We were asked to design the invitations* for our neighborhood Christmas party and the request was Santa!  I think it's precious and it easily transferred to gift labels* and enclosure cards*.  The brownie Santa hats* will make an appearance to this party.  I made them last week for our tennis party and there wasn’t one left.  Anyone that bakes could assemble within 10 minutes. 

As the saying goes, “When you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear!”  Ho, Ho, Ho everyone….

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