Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Redneck Fun

Have you seen Duck Dynasty?  Before you judge me…you should watch one episode!  I was introduced to this reality show over Thanksgiving and I LOVE it!  Don’t be turned off by the camo and long beards because I believe that there is so much more to this show.  I'm from Texas, I have 4 boys and I'm from a family of hunters BUT I married a city slicker that went to an all boy Catholic school until he moved away for college. So this show is entertaining to me on so many levels :)

The cast of Duck Dynasty is very proud of their redneck roots.  As I watch each episode, I find myself relating more and more to some of the antics and pastimes of this family.  (This completely mortifies my husband!!!)  I grew up in a small East Texas town and some of their shows take me down memory lane.  During one of the episodes my oldest son asked me if we were rednecks.  I thought that Christopher was going to faint.  I’ve always been proud of the fact that I can “clean up” and go to a Gala and act as poised as the lady beside me or sit on a tailgate in a pasture around a bonfire and be just as happy!  I hope that my boys are being raised the same way.  Being happy in different environments will benefit them more than they know!

I read an article recently summarizing the Duck Dynasty popularity.  In so many words, the author said that our society is tired of the mud slinging reality shows and our Duck friends bring back the true essence of family.  All families have to overcome disagreements and conflict.  But when we conquer those issues we become a much stronger unit!  I love how they end their show around a dinner table saying Grace.  How beautiful and refreshing is that nowadays!?  Rumor has it that the company’s motto is Faith, Family and Ducks.  It’s encouraging to see companies become successful while sticking by their faith and values.  Those are the types of companies that I would like to hear about in the upcoming years.  They’re out there but you have to find them.

We had our own little redneck dinner a couple of weeks ago.  I spent all day cooking a brisket and sides so that my family of 6 and another family of 6 could sit down and enjoy each other!  I made a couple of redneck wine glasses so that my girlfriend and I could chat the evening away and I filled a cowboy boot with flowers and let the night unravel.  Dinner and good company is always a great way to end the day!  Kick up your heels and have a happy, happy, happy (per Phil) week!

For all of you camo "people" are the links to our fill in notes and invitations:

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