Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun

When I was growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was ‘just’ about wearing green. There are 2 things that will turn me MEAN (shouty capitals!)...towel whipping AND pinching! Needless to say, I have NEVER forgotten to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day!! For some reason when I married an Irish Catholic, it became about green beer and sneaky leprachauns. St. Patrick’s Day is always during our Spring Break. Leppie (the name of our tricky Leprachaun) will visit us on our camping trip this week.  There is something creepy and fun about this invisible guy. One thing about my boys…they love to play games. Once again I have handed over this activity to my mom. There are so many fun Leprachaun scavenger hunts on Pinterest. With mother and Gary involved, it will be memorable!

As usual, I try to find fun food projects to celebrate the holiday week. I made a green Pistachio Cake for the boys and it was devoured in record time. I can’t say that the Shamrock Chips got the same reaction. We used green tortilla wraps for our shamrocks and I have to agree with the boys…they have a funny taste. I made green milk for their Lucky Charms cereal and to my amazement they loved it. I thought that it would completely gross them out…BOYS!

My favorite decoration this year is our Shamrock sign on our front door. We made this last year and Christopher “kicked it up a notch” with the black and white outline. His grandmother will love this decoration. Her name is Martha McAnespie (How’s that for an Irish name?) She is 96 years old and continues to decorate for every season.  Not to mention, she loves anything that Christopher creates!  As you can see in the above picture, she loves to celebrate ANY occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day seems to be getting more popular every year based on our sales. We’ve sold many of our shamrock notepads for teacher gifts and shower favors this year. I decided to create a freebie gift tag. Contact me at if you’re interested. I can email the file to you. (Hopefully in the near future, our freebies will be available to download at your convenience.)

As your friend, I am reminding you to wear your green on Sunday in order to keep those pesky pinchers far away. Happy St. Patty’s week…

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