Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Years ago, I claimed Easter as my holiday! We host Easter dinner at our house every year.  Last year we were a bit ‘over the top’ because Wesley’s First Communion was within the same month. Christopher said that he felt like a party planner. I had him blowing up balloons, climbing ladders and making decorations for 24 hours. My middle child loves to be involved in the Easter planning. Each year he makes homemade place cards and assigns seats for our guests. He always finds a way to add his special touch to the evening. His “bunny” chocolate covered strawberries were a huge hit after dinner. Now come on…that’s pretty creative for a 7 year old!

Each year I try to introduce a different type of Easter Egg hunt. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with ideas. We tried a ‘glow in the dark’ hunt last year and it was a HUGE success! It was time consuming to place a glow stick in each egg and make sure they were secured but it was well worth it!  We did the hunt in our house one Friday night. After the kids found all of the eggs, they decided to hide the eggs from each other. They hid them until they lost their glow (it took hours…). Christopher and I were able to sit back and watch. It was so entertaining! Ironically this hunt has been requested after our Easter dinner this year so that the cousins can participate. I love it when an idea “sticks”.

I had the twins plant jelly beans in our court yard the Eve of Easter and they were pleasantly surprised by lollipops the next morning. The twins still talk about this mystery. God Bless my oldest for not ruining the fun. The twins will probably believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny until their 40 because Michael is so convincing!

We sent an Easter care package to my cousin and her babies. Her last text involved a bathtub incident and I couldn’t resist sending some bunny washcloths, bubble bath and cute soaps. It’s our way of sending a little love from TN to OK. Keep the stories coming Sarah and HANG IN THERE!

I created these cute printable Bunny tags last weekend. Add a small white pom pom for a tail and voila… This file will probably make an appearance on Facebook this Friday as a FREEBIE (hint, hint) Now, I’m off to create and plan this year’s festivities. A new hunt, new place cards and new decorations…fun, fun, fun!

Happy Easter, friends!

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