Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Sprinkles

I received two messages on Sunday; one from my priest and another from a post on Facebook. The message was very clear...“Be an example!”  We’ve all experienced the innocence of a child repeating a word or expression that is jaw dropping.  I vividly remember the day that I was approached by my son's Mother's Day Out teacher.  He was apparently saying a colorful word and using it correctly.  I was mortified!!  How could he know such a word when I only allow him to watch Baby Einstein and Thomas the Train videos?   It became clear the night that a ‘certain’ person in our house was watching his favorite basketball team on TV.  Mystery solved…

With that being said, I hope that one of the examples that I pass along to my boys is how a simple gesture can put a smile on someone's face.  I am always so grateful that teachers will take my children, keep them for 8 hours, make sure they’re fed, safe, warm AND educate them.  Here is a little “happy” my kids are giving their teachers this year for Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully, my guys will learn that giving is better than receiving when they see the smile on their teacher's face!

Digital File for Sprinkles:

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