Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to you!

Every year, I make a resolution to send out birthday cards to my family…it never happens.  I’m so impressed with people that take the effort to mail a card instead of wishing someone happy birthday through Facebook, text or email.  Don’t get me wrong…for years, I have been THAT person that forgets a birthday or sends a last minute message.  I believe 2014 is the year that I dig myself out of the trenches of life!  My kids are older and my life is getting a ‘smidge’ more routine.  The fact that sending correspondence is on my resolution list is a bit embarrassing considering that I own a stationery company.   Don’t we all wrestle with great intentions that get squashed by daily life?

My cousin is my inspiration for this resolution because she manages to remember and recognize EVERYONE in our family AND she has 4 children much younger than mine.  (Oh how I wish I could insert the latest picture that she sent to me of her and her precious little ones...)  I’ve decided that it would be fun to include a little surprise with each card.  How exciting would it be to receive a $5 gift card from Starbucks, Subway, TCBY or a scratch off Lottery ticket?  It’s not much but at least they will know that I’m thinking of them.  I may be a little overzealous but I’m excited about this New Year’s Resolution and I’m hopeful that it will stick.

For those of you that struggle with technology taking over simple pleasures, like wishing someone a Happy Birthday, I created a downloadable birthday card and uploaded it to our Etsy site.  You download and print yourself.  (The link is below AND the file is only $5.00.)  It's a colorful and gender neutral design that will be available immediately after you purchase.

I found this quote on Pinterest…A year from now, you’ll wish you had started TODAY.  I’m living by this statement throughout 2014!!  Bring in the new year and Happy New Year to YOU!!           

Instant Download for Birthday Cards
2" Circle Gift Labels
2.75X2.75 Square Gift Labels 

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