Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wine Cork Christmas Card Holder

I knew that one day my wine consumption would be put to good use!!  Over the last year, I have saved my wine corks.  I knew that I would come across a fun "cork" idea...FOUND IT!  I love receiving Christmas cards from friends and family every year.  Because I don't have a good way to display our cards, they go into a pewter bowl in our foyer.  Then, I found this dandy idea!  It's like a cork board that will hang from a door hanger over one of the doors in our kitchen/living area.  I will be able to see my photogenic 'peeps' all the time!

Seriously...this was probably one of the easiest projects I've done to date!  You need a yardstick, wine corks, glue and ribbon.  I used E6000 glue to make sure the corks would stay glued.  I made this while cooking dinner...easy ~ peasy!  Cheers and happy pinning! 

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