Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dinner Dialogue

School started on Monday and thankfully our life becomes a bit more routine.  Over the summer, I have really missed our family dinners.  Our meals are more sporadic and we eat less in the dining room when we're out of school.   Eating around our dining room table creates a great environment for family discussion!  Typically, this precious time is a distraction-free zone.  I created 60 questions to help create dialogue.  We ask one question each evening and everyone has a chance to give their opinion/response.  It's amazing how one question can create so much conversation.  The nights that we have finished our dinner and we're still sitting around the table enjoying each other's company always make my heart smile.  Simple pleasures...

I have listed the links to the downloads below.  I cut up the questions and stuffed them in a mason jar...nothing fancy!  Enjoy and bon appetit!

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