Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simplifying School...

I’m finally catching my breath since school has started. ALL of my kids are in school this year and it has taken me 5 weeks to settle into my own routine. For 9 years I have had a child "in tow" and this year has been a bittersweet adjustment. I fear that my kids will only remember me shouting orders and moving at lightening speed as "Sergeant Speltz" for the first 30 minutes of their day. I hustle them through their morning routine, shove food in their mouth and push them out the door. They are lucky enough to be able to walk to school each morning BUT the school bell rings at 7:30 so the Speltz house is rockin’ by 6:00! For those of you that have a peaceful and calm morning routine...I don't believe you but feel free to share your secrets!! :)
As a family we are adjusting to homework…whew! This is going to be a tough year for my oldest boys. As for the twins, we celebrate the simple successes each day…keeping our clothes on until we get home, surviving an early 10:00 lunch and getting through a required resting time (they haven’t taken naps since they were 2). Aidan tried real hard to convince us that we needed to find another kindergarten class after his first 2 weeks of school. His argument was that it was too long...he's got a long road ahead of him!
As parents we get inundated with requests for lunch money, Scholastic Book money, Fundraiser money, etc. With 4 kids it becomes overwhelming to get the money to school and in the right hands! I designed these envelopes to simplify my life and the teachers LOVE them! Hopefully they can help you too! You may customize to fit your money or correspondence needs.
I hope that school has been an easy adjustment for all of you parents out there! For most of us, we love the routine. Have a happy day!

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