Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is my favorite time of year! I get to combine all of my passions…family, food and crafts! There is something about the weather changing that makes me want to stay at home, play with the kids and EAT! As many of you know, I tend to be somewhat compulsive. This week my “fixation” was Frankenstein. I’m sure that it has everything to do with having 4 boys. (I had to buy pink shoes for my tennis match last weekend just to get a lil’ of my “girly” back…A splash of pink keeps me balanced!)
So here’s to my big green friend…
We started our weekend with a houseful of boys on Friday night. (mine and several others) I had them draw their own Frankenstein faces on plastic cups and we made some Green Gook Punch. (You know…the lime sherbet punch served at most bridal showers.) Ohhhh…how they loved to draw the scars on Frankenstein’s face.
We woke up Saturday morning and had to be at their school for a community service class project…planting flower beds. Nothing like waking up 6 boys under the age of 9 after an "all-nighter" for a project involving manual labor. However digging in the dirt was the perfect project for this group! It was a fun activity for our whole family! So…what better gift to give our teachers on Monday…Frankenstein Soap with it’s very own Frankenstein packaging!! (You can roll your eyes now…I told you that I'm a little compulsive.)
And the last project of the weekend…our Frankenstein stationery! Our Big Green Friend is now offered online at Wacky Kracker. Thank you Christopher! Cheers to a wonderful weekend! Have a happy day everyone!

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