Monday, September 19, 2011

Those with kids will totally relate to this… I took 3 of my 4 boys to the doctor for their annual checkup on Friday. As I was sitting in the waiting room, I went down memory lane. I remember coming to the doctor with my first child. I was completely “put together”…nice clothes, hair styled and full make up. My precious newborn was in a smocked outfit with a perfectly packed diaper bag. 9 years later…the boys are wearing their dirty school uniforms, I’m in my tennis outfit, I haven’t worn make up in 8 years and I couldn’t find my purse so I’m juggling my cell phone and wallet in my hands.
Every time we visit our “Saint” of a pediatrician, we always walk away with an embarrassing moment. This particular time, one of the twins had a shiny red bead lodged in his ear. He never complained and I had no idea it was there or for how long. How do these things happen? 9 years ago I would have been mortified! I would have questioned my “mom-ability” and I would have seriously considered changing pediatricians due to my embarrassment. Thankfully we all busted out laughing, high fived Aidan for his bravery and I said a quick prayer thanking God that his hearing wasn’t damaged!
With flu season fast approaching, I’ve decided to add a new personalized product to our website. The Speltz boys gave these personalized hand sanitizers to their teachers last year and they were well received! Hand Sanitizer is always on the “wish” list for teachers. These make great gifts for teachers, nurses, co-workers, etc. and they are a reasonably priced and PERSONALIZED! Have a wonderful week!

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