Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When I think of Halloween, I think of black cats and bats. Bats completely “creep” me out! It’s my least favorite exhibit at the zoo but my boys are so intrigued by the dark, cold and STINKY cave. I have vivid childhood memories of hitting a tennis ball high in the air ~ in my front yard ~ at dusk ~ and bats flying out of the trees to check it out! Yuck, yuck, yuck!
As we were putting up some of our Halloween Decorations this weekend, I decided to make a few bat-friendly projects for the kids. These bats aren’t stinky or creepy…
*I made bat straws for the boys. We’ve been labeling our drinks for the last 2 weeks b/c of our battle with strep throat. I thought this was a fun way of keeping the cups separate!
*One of our friends in the neighborhood got sick this weekend...so we sent him a Bat-O-Gram to let him know that we were thinking about him!
*On Friday, I found out that my oldest was…BLIND AS A BAT! I cried in the doctor’s office when he was reading the chart because he couldn’t see any of the letters. I was mortified…Mom of the Year Award…AGAIN! I LOVE his new look!
*And of course…here is our whimsical version of a bat. These are fun little stickers to attach to your Halloween goodies that you send out this year!
Have an awesome week everyone!

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