Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creepy Crawlin' Spiders

One of the many reasons that I love this business is that 90% of the time I’m dealing with MOMS!! I’m always so inspired by other’s creativity and suggestions. I have noticed over the last year that a lot of moms are looking for DIY solutions. So, I worked tirelessly this weekend on a new product line for Wacky Kracker. We will slowly start adding DIY printables for our most popular design themes. I decided to roll-out this new adventure with our 8-legged Halloween friend.
I was so whipped after staring at the computer for 2 days, that I headed towards the kitchen (as usual) to refocus my energy. So…with kids in tow, we decided to honor our lil’ spider with none other than CHOCOLATE “spider” cakes! How cute are these? For all of you moms out there (or grandmothers) looking for an easy project for the kids…this is it! **Ding Dong, poxy sticks, candy eyes and chocolate frosting** Let the kids go to work. The messier the better…just prepare yourself for the sugar high afterwards…yee-haw!
Have a happy week everyone!


Angie said...

Casey-love these! Hope to see other holidays! I already had my Halloween stuff for goodies when I saw these! Super cute :)

Casey said...

Hey Angie...I had no idea you were a blogger...I've just started being consistent with my posts and I love all of the feedback from everyone! Have a Happy Halloween! Great to hear from you!