Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We just experienced our first Akela Cub Scout camp this weekend. (My back will never be the same.) I was excited about this trip for many reasons…time alone with my oldest boys, Christopher sleeping in a “tent” for the first time in his life, camping with some friends, and bonding with the boys while shooting wrist rockets, BB Guns and arrows. We had a fabulous time but we will be better equipped in the future. We had “THE” 5 star camper beside us. He had the Taj Mahal of tents: heater, indoor light, $200 flashlight and much more. The only thing he didn’t have…a coffee maker. He assured us that he will bring it next time. I knew we were in trouble when one of the dads walked up and laughed while we were struggling with our tent and said, “Now that’s an old tent…I haven’t seen a tent like that since I camped as a little boy!” Don’t get me wrong…I was grateful to have that OLD "teeny" tent on that COLD ~ Friday night! We squeezed in that tent like a bunch of sardines to keep warm! Body heat is an amazing thing...
Here’s where the trip was a little challenging…I was one of a few women that participated in this “guy” bonding adventure and now I know why. They seriously use a Latrine!!! It was a hole in the ground, with a wooden seat and 4 wooden walls…YIKES! What happened to the community bathrooms with running water at most campgrounds? And NOWHERE in the information about the weekend did it mention to bring toilet paper. This camp is definitely attended by mostly men. I had to use the buddy system with my sweet son so that he could “stand guard” while I used the restroom. Not one of my proudest moments but he was a real trooper. I pride myself in being a boy mom but the “latrine” is where I have to draw the line.
Needless to say, this weekend inspired me to design our PRINTABLE camping line of stationery. This is the perfect time of year for camp outs and s’mores. Have a happy day everyone!

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