Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Bugs and Potion...OH MY!

My husband is DEFINITELY the creative force behind Wacky Kracker. His talent allows our business to grow on a daily basis. It’s entertaining to throw a design suggestion at him and see his artistic talent take flight. I “dabble” in the creative side…I keep my eye on trends and give him suggestions but it is definitely his creative style that is the driving force behind this company. I have clients that will send me pictures and request to have it redrawn “Wacky Kracker” style…the ultimate compliment!
In my previous life, I was a personal chef. Cooking has been and still is a passion for me. I’ve been told that God gave me the experience as a personal chef because He knew that I was going to have 4 growing boys to feed. Soooo…this Halloween I had a few tricks up my sleeve and relied on some bribery techniques. I threatened the kids to be on their best behavior because my magic potion would turn them into a toad. It’s kind of like the “Santa” bribe. The “potion” will know if you’ve been bad, so you better be good or when you drink it…POOF! I also told them that they were going to have to eat bugs if they wanted to eat ANY of their Halloween candy. My oldest was onto me by this point but he played the game well! They were pleasantly surprised to see that the infamous bug was a twice baked potato with shrimp legs. I was told that it was the most creative dinner to date.
Christopher’s got me when it comes to drawing but I’ve got him when it comes to food. What a fun combination! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Halloween! Have a happy week!

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