Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whew...Happy New Year! the fun thing about having a blog is that I can brag on my kids and husband at any time. (sorry about that!) The verdict is still out to see if any of the boys are going to be artistic like their father...but this was a fun start!

One of my favorite new traditions for our family is that we create many of our Christmas gifts. There is something about having the kids involved and creating something that you can not buy in a store that makes me VERY happy and takes the stress out of the chaos of the season! Here is one of our pieces from this past holiday and everyone in our family had a part in the creative process. I came up with the idea, Michael drew the head of the angel, Wesley's foot is the body of the angel, the twins hands are the wings and Christopher "fancied" it up! This particular piece was for my mom.

Thanks for allowing me to brag on my guys...I thought this was such a fun family project that I had to share! Happy, happy, happy 2012! I hope that it's filled with lots of activities and fun times for you and your family!


Chardawneh said...

What a unique piece of art, well done!

Casey said...

Thanks so much! It's fun to get the whole family involved! Have a great week!