Thursday, July 11, 2013


I grew up around the water.  My parents raced catamarans when I was young and we had a ski boat and a house boat.  The water was a huge part of my childhood.  Once a year, my boys get to experience this part of my past when we visit my dad.  He still enjoys his toys and my boys get to benefit.  All 4 of them attempted water skiing this summer.  It was a proud momma moment!  Even though, I’m pretty sure my dad’s ears are still ringing from my shrill voice screaming, “STOP the boat” when they’d fall!!

I just finished a book last week that took place off of the coast of Maine.  A large part of the book was about refurbishing a yacht.  Isn’t there something fascinating about that lifestyle?  It reeks of class to me!!  I’m thinking that the north east shoreline is a must-do travel plan for our future.  I love the ocean and all it offers but prefer to view the critters of the ocean from afar or on my dinner plate.  My mother treated us to dinner on our last beach trip and one of the highlights was watching my family ‘try’ to bond over oysters.  I hope that this experience will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life.  They tried so hard to swallow the slimy mess!!  We all enjoy our share of seafood but oysters are over the top.

To kick off this new design effort, I made some jell-o snacks for the boys and got to work.    I created a FREE wall art anchor and posted it on Scribd and got busy designing new invitations and calling cards.  It’s so fun to create stationery based on my life’s adventures…very blessed.  Have a great week!!

Free Scribd Anchor Wall Art
Sailboat Baby Shower Invitation
Anchor Baby Shower Invitation
Chevron Anchor Square Enclosure Cards

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