Thursday, August 15, 2013

Supper Swap with a little "happy" in an hour!

When I left corporate America and had my first child, I became a personal chef.  It was my first adventure into entrepreneurship.  I had the most wonderful clients!  They stayed with me through all of my pregnancies and it allowed me to live out one of my passions…cooking.  As my family grew, it became harder to cook 20 meals a day for my clients and juggle 4 children under the age of 4.  I quickly realized that I needed a little more flexibility but still wanted to work from home. Wacky Kracker has been the answer to my prayers!  I have never lost my passion to cook and create in the kitchen but it becomes more difficult as my children get older.  I have small windows of time to prepare dinner while shuffling between soccer fields and homework.  At this time in my life, I feel like a short order cook instead of a chef!

The question, “What’s for dinner?”, unites mothers all over the world.  My girlfriend, Jill, came up with a brilliant plan…a supper swap!  I realize that this is not a new concept but it is for our family.  Each week, we take turns making 2 entrees (one for our own family and one for our friend’s family). This ensures one night off from cooking dinner.  When we go to the host’s house, we have cocktails for an hour, the kids play, we take our prepared meal and then we say good night and eat dinner at our own dining room table. We have agreed to 2 rules to keep it simple:  NO MAKEUP and you have to bring your own wine glass :)

Last night, I went to Jill’s house.  Her husband, Shannon, even picked up my twins from soccer practice and brought them back to their house so that I could enjoy my time with Jill and the kids longer. Perfect evening and I didn’t lift a finger!  I realize that it’s only one night every other week that I don’t have to worry about a meal but I’ll take it!  It’s really just an excuse for some much needed “girl” time and an opportunity to try new recipes.  I seriously encourage you moms to find a supper swap partner…it gives you a whole new outlook when your kids ask, “What’s for dinner?” Bon Appetite ~

Here are some fun items for the kitchen.
5 Layer Greek Dip…new recipe that was a winner!

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