Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The perfect time of the year...FALL!

Yippee…it’s Fall!!  The beginning of October marks our annual Lake Catherine trip with my dad and Penney!  My guys look forward to this trip every year.  It is the “calm before the storm.”  Wacky Kracker and family life ramp up between October 1st and December 20th due to the holiday season.  So a weekend secluded in the woods is a great way to rest, rejuvenate and gear up!  I enjoy seeing the beautiful colors of the trees, the calm water, the kids playing outside and visiting with our family.  It’s a relaxing vacation at the perfect time of the year and a fantastic venue in order to reconnect with everyone. 

We arrived and walked onto our deck and were greeted by a HUGE spider web and an 8 legged friend.  Welcome to the woods!  It felt only appropriate to create some spider designs and snacks in honor of our host.  Once the creative juices start, they get a little obnoxious!  Cheers to the beginning of a crazy and fun holiday season!!

Spider Notes
Spider Enclosure
Spider Invitation

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