Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proven Pin ~ Candy Cake II

It's pretty tough to share a birthday with 9-11!  My mom worded it best this morning on Facebook.  She said, "The date, September 11th, will always hold special memories for the majority of the world. In our family, however, it holds a very "special" memory. Wesley was born on this date, so we have different memories - ones of a very sweet, smart, talented, athletic boy being born."    

And here he 9-11 baby!  He LOVES smoothies!!  So this is as creative as I could get for his birthday breakfast and he loved it!
He requested a candy cake for his birthday.  (similar to the one that I made for the twins)  He suggested that I put his favorite soda in the middle of the candy...creative genius!  Most of the candy cakes on the internet use cookie tins or cardboard packaging.  I love the fact that the entire cake is edible!  Drum roll please...
What kid wouldn't LOVE soda and tons of candy?!?  Might I much easier than making a cake!!  It took me 15 minutes to put together.  He walked in the door from school, squealed and told me 5 times how much he loved the cake.  20 minutes was taken apart and hidden.  I still don't know where he stashed all of it.  Makes me grin...

Thanks Pinterest!

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