Friday, September 12, 2014

You've been booed!!

I have always loved our neighborhood!  My kids are rather spoiled when it comes to trick or treating! We moved into the neighborhood when I was pregnant with our first child.  Therefore, my neighbors have helped raise our boys!  We have neighbors that have "special" gifts waiting for the Speltz boys when they approach their doors.  Years ago, we had to upgrade from the cute little Lillian Vernon Halloween pails to king size pillowcases.  My neighbors are not stingy when it comes to Halloween!  The boys have received king size candy bars with $20 attached to the back, individually wrapped presents and LOADS of "the good" kind of candy.  Keep in mind...I have 4 boys! neighbors are amazing!

"Boo-ing" is one of my favorite fall activities!  We have received homemade treats, store bought goodies and Halloween decorations over the years.  The kids love the "secrecy" of the activity and we enjoy seeing new signs pop up on our neighbor's doors each day.  Here is a "freebie" to get you started.  Happy Boo-ing!

The free file can be found here.
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